Family Pictures

I have to post these before I start on our Rome trip. We took these just before we left and Denae got them back to me so fast. They were waiting for me when we got back and I love them!! Now I just have to pick which ones to go on the wall and what to put on the Christmas card. I am so happy to have choices! Thank you for everything, Denae!!












Seriously, how will I choose? : ) Denae is in Walnut Creek for anyone local, and I can't say enough fabulous things about her. You can find all her info and to book your own session HERE and see the session we did with her last year here. And now I will go cry about how much my kids grew up in just one year!!

Also, I am so happy we finally started taking family pictures. I do not love the way I look, but I decided to suck it up and get in the darn pictures… it's what I look like ; ) And these pictures of our family at this moment in time are treasures and it doesn't matter one bit if I think I look good or not. This is us, right now, and I'm so happy we could freeze these moments. Thank you Denae for capturing my little family, just how we are!

Beautiful pics Sar. Seriously, LOVE THEM!

These pictures are amazing! Seriously, love them. I especially love the one of Anna and Kate. So adorable! Thanks for sharing Sarah

Gorgeous family! You all seriously look like rock stars. I think now that I have all my kids here on the earth I will have to start getting serious about doing family pics once and a while. We haven't done them since after my 2nd was born! Doh! I agree about not wanting to be in pics, but I guess I better do it sooner than later - I'm not getting any younger!

These are perfect!! Adorable. I'm so glad you're in the pictures :) You and your kiddos will be so happy you can look back and see you all together! And you look beautiful, no matter what you think.

you have the most beautiful family. your outfits look amazing, your kids are darling. why aren't we neighbors? ryan needs to come work for google!

These pictures are amazing! I am so proud of you for getting them and think you look beautiful! We are going to be better about getting a yearly picture too because it is the only way to capture these fleeting moments of our lives, right?

I was the anonymous commenter!

Sarah, the pictures look great! I feel like your photographer really captured your kids' personalities, too. And you don't look like you are sweating to death at all.

I need to get my act together and call this lady. We have never had a "real" family photo done before.....

I love the way these pictures turned out, Sarah! Your family is beautiful and you are gorgeous! My husband hates taking family pics every year, but it is one thing I will never budge on ;)

So cute! What a beautiful family!

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