Rome: Part 1

Oh, Rome! What an incredible and beautiful city that is just dripping with rich history. We absolutely loved our time there. We spent our first couple of days just wandering through the cobblestone streets, exploring and trying to take it all in. And pinching ourselves that we were actually there! I honestly felt like any direction we went in lead to something incredible. Even after an entire week there, there is still so much that we weren't able to get to. There is just so much there!

Some pictures from our wanderings:


The view from the top of the Vittorio Emanuele II Monument. The building is kind of ugly (and hated because it was built by crazy fascists) but the view is spectacular. Definitely worth the visit : )



This picture that Christian took just might be my favorite from the trip : )





This was when we found ourselves in the basement of the Musei Capitolini just before closing…. totally alone. It was so creepy! It totally felt like we were in the Da Vinci Code or something : )


We also spent a lot of time eating! Seriously, meals there take forever. I loved getting to spend a good chunk of time eating an incredibly fresh and delicious meal, especially after walking around all day. It was so nice to sit in a cozy little restaurant, talking with Christian and doing some really fun people watching. I loved how the restaurants didn't totally fill up until around 10:00 at night and then it was with large (and loud!) extended families and friends, including small children. It was a party! : )

Some serious yumminess : )


Speaking of serious yumminess, I loved the way they do breakfast. Our hotel would have fresh croissants, pains au chocolat, other pastries, meats, cheeses, yogurt, fresh juices etc. It was all so fresh and so delicious. I have really been missing having that spread just ready for me right when I wake up! ; )


We saw so many incredible churches. The artwork in them is extraordinary. These pictures are from the Santa Maria Della Vittorio, every single inch of that place was covered in some kind of ornate decoration. Every single inch!


My favorite church, though, was when Christian and I went to go to the outskirts of Rome for church on Sunday. It was so fun to see an entirely different side of Rome, and to meet the incredibly warm, welcoming, and friendly members in that ward. Sacrament meeting was so loud! Children wander freely, strollers are parked all over the place, people greet the late-comers, talk to each other, including the person speaking at the pulpit. It was awesome. We felt so lucky to be there the day that the project manager of the Rome temple spoke. He is from England so we could even understand him! : ) It was amazing to hear the stories of how the building is progressing, and to feel the excitement for the temple to be there. Only another year and a half! : )


Us after church - so happy! : )


We took a Sunday evening stroll through the piazza spagna and wandered over to the spanish steps, only to find that we couldn't even see the steps there were so many people there! It was tourist mania ; ) Fabulous people watching, though! We even saw a group in full-out, for real lederhosen. So awesome.

Me and all of our tourist friends : )


And that was our first couple of days in Rome : ) More to come….

I am loving all of these pictures, Sarah! Especially the food ones. Ha!

I can't believe how late they eat! With their kids!

What a dream vacation! You both look so happy and I'm glad you could have a great time celebrating your 10 year anniversary.

What a dream vacation! You both look so happy and I'm glad you could have a great time celebrating your 10 year anniversary.

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