The Amalfi Coast and Pompei

Our next stop on our trip was to a little piece of paradise : ) We headed out to Amalfi and I almost decided to stay there for the rest of our trip. The weather was perfection, the water was way warmer than I expected and the views were incredible. I wish I could jump right back into this picture!


It was so interesting how they had built these towns right into the mountainside. It couldn't have been more charming.


We drove all along the coast, up and down through the mountains on the tiniest, windiest roads. This was on our way from Amalfi to the town of Positano which you can see just in the distance.


This was our view from where we ate lunch in Positano. Our choice of fish was what the fishermen had just brought in. They were the most charming fishermen that were out on the most charming boats with the most delicious fish! The whole place was so picturesque. I totally fell in love : )


After that we spent some time in Pompei. What an incredible place! It was amazing to see how advanced the city was 2500 years ago, all that they have been able to uncover, how well preserved it is and to imagine what life was like living there at the time. It is so easy to picture with all that they have discovered. Walking through the roads, into homes, taverns, shops, baths, gymnasiums, etc. was so cool. Pompei was one of my favorite stops of our trip.


The two thousand year old tragedy became real when our guide explained that these figures were plaster casts made from where victims' bodies were trapped in the ash. The bodies had decomposed leaving an empty cavity in the shape of the people as they breathed in their last breaths of poison gas from the volcano. It was haunting.


It was really fun to get out and see outside of Rome a little bit, and both of these places were so amazing. I'm so happy we could get out there : ) Next up, back to Rome! : )

I am loving this trip! SO gorgeous! I have never been to Greece, (but I have watched Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 1 & 2 several times, so I am pretty much an authority) and doesn't Amalfi remind you of it? Ha!

Great Pompei pictures, too. I feel like that place would be so eerie, but an incredible place to visit anyway.

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