Soccer Season Wrap Up

I loved having both of the girls play soccer this year. I won't lie, though, it was also pretty nuts. Both of the girl's practices on Thursday nights were at the exact same time on fields that were 10 minutes apart. I called it "The Amazing Thursday Night Race." ; ) Both of their coaches knew about it and were so nice, but it totally made me feel like a slacker mom. I'm thinking this year was probably just foreshadowing of what's to come with coordinating events for all of the kids! ; )

Here's a picture of Katie leaving practice a few minutes early to race over to try and not be too late picking Anna up from hers. Can you guess what her favorite color is? : )


I don't even have words for how amazing Anna's coach was this year. He is the varsity soccer coach at one of the high schools here and was amazing at team and confidence building with these girls. He had the best games to play at practices and the girls got to use some pretty awesome practice equipment. They also knew that if it was over 95 degrees outside(which was pretty frequent) they would get to run drills with water balloons. We always found them doing something fun at practices. (I also won't lie that Katie was pretty jealous!)


On opening game day they have a huge soccer parade with all of he teams in the league. The girls love this so much. They dress up in something that has to do with their team name and march down main street. It's such a fun tradition they do here.


The other favorite day of the season: team parties! Which, of course, were at the exact same time on the same night. What are the chances? I honestly felt like I couldn't catch a break this season. Luckily, Christian left work early so he could go with Katie to hers so both girls could be at their parties. Here are both of the girls getting their trophies from their coaches: (and oh my goodness does Katie love her trophy!:)


I got a little emotional at Anna's party watching the girls watch the video a parent made of the highlights of their season. Seeing how much they love each other, support each other and cheer each other on was so moving. How lucky these girls were to have each other in their corner this whole season and hopefully for another season to come. (fingers crossed!) Team sports done right are incredible, and so good for our kids.

I love these soccer girls and am so proud of how much they grew this season. Seeing how happy they were and how much they loved it made all the craziness of getting them everywhere worth it : )


Until next season! ; )

PS - sorry for the phone photos, we had some really great pictures of the girls in action on the field, but they are nowhere to be found. It has been driving me crazy! So the phone photos it is.

What a crazy season for you! Just the same-time-practices alone would make me think twice. You are such a good mom!

Love the soccer parade! So awesome. We were out of town on the day of soccer pictures--makes me so bummed.

So fun for those girls! And so crazy for you! Looks like they had a blast :) The soccer parade is pretty awesome. Crazy how they're so "in" to soccer there!

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