True Blue

The weekend before Thanksgiving we got to take our kids to their first ever BYU football game! The game was originally scheduled for the afternoon, but was changed at the last minute to a night game. Even though it started just before their bedtimes, we figured it was an opportunity not to be missed! (especially since we had already bought all of their tickets;)

We got everyone in their BYU gear and headed off for the tailgate party, which was way cooler than I thought it would be! We had dinner there and then made our way around to all of the booths they had set up that were run by BYU alumni. The kids got their faces painted, temporary BYU tattoos, balloon animals, jumped in bounce houses, played tons of games and won lots of prizes. These kids were in heaven!


Cosmo was running around doing all kinds of fun tricks which the kids were amazed by. They now think Cosmo is the coolest : ) They got to meet him, and Blaine was cool giving him a high five, but that was as close as he would get. No way was he getting in a picture! ; )


After meeting Cosmo, Katie would sprint off as fast as she could for a high five or a big hug whenever she would see him again. Man is that girl fast. They're BFFs according to her now ; )


The Cougarettes were also there walking around and did a couple of performances which the girls thought were amazing : ) They could not have been sweeter to my girls. They talked with them for a long time : )


The Cougarettes offered the girls one of their pom-poms to hold during the picture, but Katie said, "No. I want both of your pom-poms." To which the sweet Cougarette responded, "Sure! I'll hold your balloon cougar!" Seriously, such sweet girls!

You can tell Katie was pretty darn pleased about holding both of those pom-poms! What a kid.


Then it was time for the game! We were surrounded by BYU fans, it was so much fun! There were definitely more BYU fans in the stands than San Jose State. I ran into a couple old friends (loved that!) from BYU that live in Bakersfield and out in Modesto that had driven all the way in just for the game. Way to represent, BYU alums!


The kids were more into the game than I thought they would be, but enjoyed spotting their Cougarette friends and Cosmo the most : ) Oh, and eating snacks, of course : )


I was there, too! I loved sitting in the sea of blue with my little family. Loved it!


I'm hoping there are some more BYU football games in our future. What fun!

Looks like you guys had great time

Go Cougars!

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