We were so lucky to have my entire family make the trek out here to celebrate Thanksgiving with us. My kids had been looking forward to it for months : ) We squished everyone into our house and loved every minute. We only wish it could have lasted longer!

Some of the fun things we were able to do with everyone here were:

Go see Wreck it Ralph! It was awesome. We were sad, though, that my parents' flight was delayed so they weren't able to make it. Crazy snowstorms in Canada! We were just so glad they finally got in later that night. Holiday travel can be so nuts.


Anna had been talking about helping make the pies this year for months. They made apple pies at activity days a couple of months ago and she has been looking forward to using her skills ever since. She was the cutest little helper ever : )


The boys and children headed out to the park to enjoy the warm weather while we finished up the rest of Thanksgiving dinner. We could not have asked for better weather this year : )


We enjoyed an amazing (if I do say so myself, haha) Thanksgiving dinner of smoked turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, amazing homemade rolls by Angie, green beans, brussel sprouts and candied yams. I could not have been more thrilled to have my whole family sitting around our table. I am so happy just looking at this picture : )


The next day we headed into the city so we could all go and check out Alcatraz! No one in my family had been there before so we thought it would be fun to do together. It was definitely less creepy in the warm sunshine but that place is still crazy! Very interesting, though.



The girls chillin out in the prison yard.




My very favorite picture of the day: Blaine doing some time in time-out at Alcatraz ; )


The views from Alcatraz are awesome.


The boat ride was by far the kid's favorite part, especially Blaine's : )


We finished off the day with dinner on Pier 39 and some additional tourist-ing. That's Blaine, Kate and Anna on the top tier of the carousel if you can spy them ; )


The stinky sea lions are not quite as stinky from the top level!


And we enjoyed all of the Christmas decorations all around the pier. It was the perfect end to our weekend!


It really was much too short, we can't wait to have everyone back again! I love holidays with family so much.

So fun to have all of your family there. How did I not realize the carousel at the Pier was a double decker? Maybe I need to do more touristy things?! Also, love all of the BW shots.

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